Month: February 2017

Being a Semi Driver


Semi-trucks are an integral part of our shipping and commerce systems. Certainly the hard work put in by the drivers has to be appreciated. Unfortunately, from time to time, there is an accident. And when it comes to accidents with these big rigs, the results are rarely minor.

As the years have passed and online product availability has increased, so too has the need for shipping. Trucking companies and drivers are as pressed as ever to meet deadlines and quotas. At the heart of this complex network lies to main problems that have resulted in thousands of truck related accidents every year, and those problems are equipment failure and driver fault.

When Semi Truck Equipment Fails

Big Rig trucks can weight tens of thousands of pounds, and to get that weight moving and stopping safely is a real feat. Here are some examples of things that can go wrong in the trucking process:

* Tire Blow Up. Some of these semi-trucks have up to 18 wheels, but that doesn’t mean they are completely safe from tire failure. Even a temporary off-balancing effect can have serious consequences, resulting in unexpected lan shifting or rolling.

* Load Shift. If a truck load is not tied down correctly, or if it is prepared in an unbalanced fashion, the shifting of the weight during transport can cause the driver to lose control.

* Maintenance and Inspection Failure. Rigs have complex engines and parts that must be able to handle big loads. If maintenance and inspections are lax then the door becomes open for possible equipment failure.

* Brake Trouble. Perhaps the most important part of the semi-truck is its braking system. Bringing freight to a stop requires an increased time and distance, and if the brakes are not performing optimally, the stopping procedure can be compromised.

When Semi Truck Driver’s Fail

Anyone who travels on a routine basis knows how dangerous driving can be. They also know how precarious driving near and around big rig trucks can feel. If those drivers are not on top of their game, the results can be disastrous. Some examples of driver failure:

* Driver Fatigue. The pressures to deliver on time, or even early for a bonus, weigh heavily on truck drivers. They are often tempted to forego the mandatory breaks (As stated by law) and drive much longer than they are comfortable with. Fatigue is sneaky and can set in before the driver realizes he and the other drivers on the road are in peril.

* Drunk Driving. Most states have strict limits for the level of alcohol and drunk driver can have. That doesn’t mean drunk driving never happens though.

* Driver Aggression. For reasons such as delivery time and personal anxiety, semi-truck drivers that give in to aggressive driving put other motorists at serious risk.

* Driver Error / Distraction. Sometimes drivers simply make an error in judgment, cut a corner too thin, or otherwise screw up. This can be compounded if they are distracted by cell phone use or some other preoccupation during their routes.

Legal Rights of Victims

It’s important to realize that victims of semi-truck accidents rarely escape with minor injuries. That is why you must take matters seriously and contact a competent auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Try to locate a lawyer in your area that is very familiar with your state’s laws, and has conducted semi-truck cases before.

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How to become a semi driver

A man could seek after a profession as a semi driver on the off chance that he is considered, as indicated by the U.S principles, to be a specialist driver. To qualify as a specialist driver, one needs to ace vehicle control, brake control and speed impediments. Individuals applying for semi driver licenses need earlier information of the roadways and street courses in America. They additionally need to keep up records of mileage, conveyances and ensure that all the printed material is finished with every stacking. They are relied upon to act as per the different directions on speed and street points of confinement and driving hours that vary from state to state.

It is likewise critical that the individual ought to have the capacity to work alone and focus for long stretches. They ought to act naturally dependent and security cognizant, as the heap is now and again profitable or hazardous. Sensible physical wellness and stamina are likewise required for conveying and lifting loads.

Installment And Opportunities

The pay rates for Semi drivers contrast, contingent upon the organization and sort of load. A qualified and experienced semi driver gains in the scope of $25,000 to $40,000 a year. The work timing of semi drivers includes late hours and evenings far from home. The law has restricted, for security reasons, the aggregate hours worked in a day and seven days. U.S. controls to oversee the measure of hours a man can work, the separation he can travel and the measure of load the vehicle can convey. The separation relies on upon whether it is a neighborhood conveyance or an across the country products transport. Businesses of semi drivers are either pulling firms or dispersion offices.

Some accomplished drivers get to be distinctly independently employed, owning and driving their vehicle. Vocation movement to a manager position is conceivable.

Section Tests And Training

Candidates are required to breeze through a test to secure a semi driver permit.
Trucking organizations don’t regularly require medicate testing or check police records, permitting them to contract individuals with medication and liquor issues and even with past DIU captures.
The test obliges candidates to move inside restricted space 25 miles of street driving and answer inquiries on the Highway Code. They are likewise tried on Truck Drivers Regulations and vehicle security. To apply for a Semi driver permit, a candidate ought to be over 18 years old, with a spotless driving history. Candidates should likewise breeze through a therapeutic test and extra preparing, on account of driving dangerous concoction vehicles.

A semi driver is never kept to a tiny office and can appreciate the travel included. Another favorable position of being utilized as a semi driver is that the individual can take a shot at a transitory or changeless premise. Moreover, they can set their particular hours of work, either evenings or days. The occupation could include going for quite a long time – and a man progressing or in the consistent scan for movement and with the important driving attitude more often than not does well as a semi driver.


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